Dialogue between Italy and China on Architecture and Design

Enzo Eusebi took part in the conference organized by ICE (Italian Trade Agency) at the Tsinghua University in Beijing on the theme “Italy-China dialogue on architecture and design”.
Together with Wu Chen (Beijing Institute of Architectural Design), Livio Sacchi, Michele Molè (studio Nemesi), Paolo Desideri (studio abdr), Alessandro Ridolfi (studio Z14), Massimo Bagnasco (studio CMR), Marco Casamonti (studio Archea), Claudia Clemente (studio Labics), Mario Cucinella (studio MCA), moderated by mr Antonino Laspina (director of ICE office in Beijing) have been launched ideas and proposals to enhance dialogue and exchanges between the two countries. 


Enzo Eusebi, Wu Chen, Livio Sacchi, Michele Molè, Paolo Desideri, Alessandro Ridolfi, Massimo Bagnasco, Marco Casamonti, Claudia Clemente, Mario Cucinella


Tsinghua University


Beijing, PR China


november 25, 2015