"Not for food", Disegno e Design - Brevetti e Creatività Italiani (2010)

For the exhibition’s final display we propose some thoughts on the kitchen, the most popular and beloved environment of the home. La concept kitchen Not for food (2006) is a multi-sensory and multi-functional container, a revolutionary way of interpreting this area of the home with innovative materials and modern technology, designed to meet the future needs of daily life. This integrated furniture system is inspired by the concept of open space and is particularly suited to environments without partitions. In addition to the functional kitchen part, Not for food turns into an area where to transfer the office or study, but also where to meet and chat, relax, with a massage on the couch, listening to music or watching a film. The system is made of advanced composite materials especially carbon fiber. The choice of colors is strict, glossy white for the sofa seat and matte black for everything else. Accessories are stained black glass. Reality and metaphor of Italian innovation spreading through the world, the idea of Not for food came while flying between Italy and China, with which designer Enzo Eusebi and NOTHING STUDIO team divide their professional activity.


Disegno e Design – Brevetti e Creatività Italiani


Fondazione Valore Italia