Cavour Central Square

When designing the central square in one of the most distinctive of all coastal towns (Martinsicuro in the province of Teramo), the idea was to revive and re-establish the true meaning of a town square. It is basically a paved platform planted with 16 specimens of Palma Washingtonia filifera, all 5 metres high; the decision to introduce this geometric island of greenery is connected with the more general idea of contemporary design, according to which greenery is not just or exclusively autochthonous, but also functional to the underlying design idea. The same landscaping system, due to its potential double symmetry, also provides a backdrop for another system, designed in close relation to the church building, as if to recreate a sort of “grassy square”, and which, in line with current thinking on social interaction, provides an area for indulging in socio-recreational activities, such as meetings, musical entertainment and practical performances.

LOCATION: Martinsicuro (TE), Italy
YEAR: 2001