Kunlun Towers

The Kunlun Towers, located in the heart of Beijing, hold luxurious apartments enjoying panoramic views stretching from the diplomatic centre of the capital (landscaped in greenery) to the Forbidden City. Freely inspired by the Kunlun mountain range, China’s holy Mountain, the towers rise up to an overall height of 115 m and are built on one single solid four-storey base. The overall impression is of a compact mass covered with stone and cut through with glass grooves, as if to recreate a rocky wall full of crevices. The outside shell is covered with horizontal sheets of slate of varying thickness to evoke the stratified nature of mountains, the deep vertical glass incisions reflect the striking surrounding countryside, including the embassy’s neighbourhood, almost a sort of natural oasis within the dense urban fabric of Beijing. The basement holds various exclusive shops and service facilities serving the residences and acting as a spacious public hall leading through to the private apartments.

LOCATION: Beijing, P.R. China
YEAR: 2005