Simplex Kunlun Towers

The two Kunlun Towers are composed of 23 residential units, each set on a different level to enjoy a 360° panoramic view across the city. They are designed in three different styles: simplexes, single level apartments covering 300 square metres; duplexes, constructed over two levels covering a total area of 600 square metres; and two triplex attics, each with its own terrace and outdoor swimming pool. The interiors designed by Nothing Studio embody a very special vision of the ideal living environment, focusing on a quest for person-friendly simplicity and well-being, all in the name of top quality design and Italian style. The resulting space is stylistically rigorous and coherent, featuring clever use of colour and light, a special and exclusive place where all the architectural and furnishing features combine to create the setting and its overall design. A special trait of these luxury apartments is the fact they have glass walls on all fronts, each room enjoys a wonderful view towards the city and they are all lit in their own special way. Everything is controlled by domotics and special energy-saving devices. High quality materials have, of course, been used: marble, slate, quality wards, carbon fi bre and Corian.

LOCATION: Beijing, P.R. China
YEAR: 2006