Quid iGuzzini

Simply more | design Enzo Eusebi. Quid’s sleek design is inspired by the desire to strip off anything that is superfluous and focus on the product’s essence. The distribution of its geometrical volumes is carefully designed to underline the luminaire’s hi-tech character, and a formal contrast of curves and straight lines gives it a rational, balanced harmony. Quid is a LED street light that meets a wide range of present and future requirements, from a simple on-off mechanism to Dali management, which is the key means of access to potential “smart-city” integration. Quid facilitates and accelerates installation and maintenance operations thanks to its toolfree design, as well as helping reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). With Quid, simplicity becomes value.

YEAR: 2015

Main Designer: ENZO EUSEBI / Senior Architect: Y. Consorti