ENEL’s Transexperiences

The ENEL event, commissioned by Guido Stratta and assisted by Mauro Gatti, occurs in a symbolic place. Natural events, the 2016 earthquake, financial crises, the COVID-19 pandemic, have projected this community into the darkness of #fragility. Preci still bears, at a distance of five years, the evident signs of the last devastating earthquake. A dissolved, torn community: people forced to find shelter elsewhere, and Mayor Massimo Messi, who strives in an attempt to keep, what still remains, standing. Here, time seems to have stopped.


Integrated into the Apennine horizon, appears a “workplace”, the only one here, the Salpi prosciutto factory. The earthquake resistance, in this circumstance, is a synthesis of innovative design. The construction of the system incorporates sufficient #resilience to allow perfect functionality. The factory and the village look reciprocally at each other, in the expectation for one to finally be reunited with the other, recreating that sense of belonging that reconciles the social and economic impulse. In order to accomplish this, the community must continue to exist, must be strengthened and kept cohesive around its values, first of all #trust, a fundamental aspect that makes it possible to conjugate #tradition and innovative capacity.


TRANSEXPERIENCES, Enzo Eusebi‘s installation, therefore, acts here as a relational device. A transitory, procedural architectural creation that “operates” as a medium. The use of a transparent, translucent, reflective material, as well as creating a permeable, fluid space, contributes to the destruction of the aesthetic form. Moreover, everything becomes simultaneous in the idea of creating an open and relational space. The things “taken out” from the earthquake dwellings were used uniquely as silent witnesses informed of the facts. They recall our attention to a wounded territory that becomes a synecdoche of all the wounded territories of the world, whatever the cause would be. They talk not only about the victims but also about the perpetrators.