Berloni Concept Kitchen

This container of functions is designed to be set in the middle of a large room, in order to meet the needs of people who want to really experience their home throughout the day. The idea underpinning the design is to create a “plaza” for the home, where food and the rituals associated with eating are the main attractions. This structure looks like a polymorphous, multifunctional container geared to the latest kind of domestic layout and their spatial arrangement. Formal studies into the concept of fluidity constituted the starting point from which this kitchen environment was created. It can cater for a wide range of different activitiesThis elegant space can also be enjoyed for relaxation purposes in particular. The large white carbon fibre chaise longue with pin-point “tecnogel” inserts is ergonomically designed to cater for any sitting posture. The kitchen top behind the armchair is fitted with heat controls for liquids to set the temperature for drinks, so, for example, a glass of spumante can be chilled or a glass of cognac warmed up.

LOCATION: Pesaro, Italy
YEAR: 2006