The conference is one of te business approach to EXP02015 Milan CONAF and the WAA ( World Association of Agronomists ) , participants of the Civil Society , and the World Congress of Agronomists be held during EXPO September 14 to 18 year 2015. The universal theme of sustainable crop and livestock production , their health , their quality , excess or scarcity , the identity transformation of the territories , the interaction with the biotic and abiotic elements and natural last meteorological phenomena coming to potential climate change are issues that every professional , directly or indirectly , it is deeply involved .
Enzo Eusebi took part on the theme “La riqualificazione urbana ed il ruolo dell’architettura funzionale alla produzione di cibo. Il caso della Città dei Giovani”.


Andrea Sisti, Sabrina Diamanti, Mattia Busti, Enzo Eusebi, Stefano Stanghellini


Triennale di Milano


Milano, Italy


november 13, 2014