2021 - Nursery "Pollicino"


YEAR: 2021

Main Designer: ENZO EUSEBI / Senior Architect: Y. Consorti / Architect: D. Petrini

2020 - Harena


Hārena is the visionary creation of Enzo Eusebi who defines the city of San Benedetto del Tronto (Italy) as a new point of reference for the entire Italian Adriatic coast. The metaphysical key of the intervention is psycho-architecture which, through continuous visual references (reflections), focuses attention on the superficial dimension of contemporary society. The interior design project deliberately harmonizes “surfaces”, using clear cinematographic references (above all the iconic bar area of ​​the Overlook Hotel in Shining) and references (including crime news) carved in pop memory. The space (three-dimensional) becomes a surface (two-dimensional) and therefore a “virtual place” (instagrammable).

YEAR: 2020

Main Designer: ENZO EUSEBI / Senior Architect: Y. Consorti / Architect: D. Petrini

2018 - Pavilion Eurocucina Berloni


YEAR: 2018

Main Designer: ENZO EUSEBI / Senior Architect: Y. Consorti

2015 - WAA-CONAF Pavilion Expo2015

WAA-CONAF Pavilion Expo2015

The World Association of Agronomists (WAA) and CONAF aim to unify, coordinate and represent associations of agronomists around the world. Their pavilion, the Global Farm of the Future  (Prize Contest Toward a Sustainable Expo2015), is aimed at businesses and professionals and outlines the role of the agronomist in sustaining the future, giving suggestions on how to satisfy world nutrition, through exhibitions, seminars, forums and other initiatives. The somewhat abstract-looking pavilion, which features hanging gardens and slanted green roofing, has been totally sustainably built from Italian wood and natural cork and was designed by architect Enzo Eusebi, the founder of NOTHING STUDIO. After the event has finished, the pavilion will become a touring exhibition which will travel around to teach the public about nutrition.

YEAR: 2015

Main Designer: ENZO EUSEBI / Senior Architect: Y. Consorti



LOCATION: Beijing, PR China

Main Designer: ENZO EUSEBI / Senior Architect: Y. Consorti – F. Varese

2012 - EDF Loft

EDF Loft

LOCATION: San Benedetto del Tronto (AP), Italy
YEAR: 2012

2011 - E House

E House

LOCATION: San Benedetto del Tronto (AP), Italy
YEAR: 2011

2011 - Unicità d'Italia - La Pelanda

Unicità d’Italia – La Pelanda

LOCATION: Roma, Italy
YEAR: 2011

2011 - Unicità d'Italia - Palazzo delle Esposizioni

Unicità d’Italia – Palazzo delle Esposizioni

This exhibition, under the high patronage of the President of the Republic, has been organised by the Valore Italia Foundation in collaboration with ADI – Association for Industrial Design and the ADI Foundation. It is backed by the Ministry of Economic Development.
The exhibition is staged from an unusual and original perspective, identifying Made in Italy as one of the most dominant and significant factors that has, since 1961, helped  to build the national identity. The route through this display of items from the Compasso d’Oro historical collection and the products selected for the XXII award is complemented by video clips and other items that provide historical context for key moments, allowing the exhibition to tell the story of Italian know how over the last half century.

LOCATION: Roma, Italy
YEAR: 2011

2006 - Simplex W15 Kunlun Towers

Simplex W15 Kunlun Towers

The two Kunlun Towers are composed of 23 residential units, each set on a different level to enjoy a 360° panoramic view across the city. They are designed in three different styles: simplexes, single level apartments covering 300 square metres; duplexes, constructed over two levels covering a total area of 600 square metres; and two triplex attics, each with its own terrace and outdoor swimming pool. The interiors designed by Nothing Studio embody a very special vision of the ideal living environment, focusing on a quest for person-friendly simplicity and well-being, all in the name of top quality design and Italian style. The resulting space is stylistically rigorous and coherent, featuring clever use of colour and light, a special and exclusive place where all the architectural and furnishing features combine to create the setting and its overall design. A special trait of these luxury apartments is the fact they have glass walls on all fronts, each room enjoys a wonderful view towards the city and they are all lit in their own special way. Everything is controlled by domotics and special energy-saving devices. High quality materials have, of course, been used: marble, slate, quality wards, carbon fi bre and Corian.

LOCATION: Beijing, P.R. China
YEAR: 2006