To the activity as a designer, ENZO EUSEBI, associated over the years an intense work of study and critical reflection on the themes of social and sustainable architecture; he has held lectures and conferences with numerous organizations and institutions. His architecture is characterized by a formal research, which tends to make every project a meaningful presence in the urban space, and a rigorous technique that provides the best functionality of the structures, systems and organization of spaces.

His dual training as engineer and architect has allowed to this young designer, to always remain up to the most advanced aesthetic solutions proposed by contemporary culture, in a balance that is renewed in all his works, and that is Highlighted by the numerous realizations in Italy and abroad. In all his projects we can see a constant commitment to environmental protection through the use and re-use of materials, through research and analysis aimed at minimizing the environmental impact.

The awards received for the merits of his activities have consolidated his international image and he is considered one of the most interesting designers in the area of architecture. Recently he has partecipated at Saint Petersburg Design Week 2014, to the Tianjin Design Week 2015, and was selected as art director and designer of the Pavilion of the World Association of Agronomists (WAA) for Expo Milano 2015 (Prize Contest Toward a Sustainable Expo2015).

In 2000 he founded NOTHING STUDIO, atelier of architecture, planning, interior, design and graphics. From the beginning the studio grew rapidly, developing significant projects in different sectors: residential and receptive buildings, offices, showrooms and retail spaces, museums, production sites, temporary installations, exhibitions, renovations and private houses.

Aside from the architectural design,  Nothing Studio supports also the research in different fields of design, from marketing, through graphics, illuminating engineering, design furniture, up to the creation of temporary installations, making the multidisciplinary attitude one of its points of strenght.

The research, at the base of the design of the Studio, is wide and heterogeneous and it mainly focuses on the functional and spacial aspects, construction technology, design methodologies and quality control but also on problems such as energy saving and environmental sustainability.

NOTHING STUDIO, already established abroad, has always accompanied the activity of design with an intensive activity of study that encopasses from landscape to the city, from building to the industrialization of components for architecture, up to the divulgation and communication of  the contemporary disciplinary debate.

The studio operates on different levels of intervention by specialist contributions, lead by a team of collaborators coordinated by partners whom operates in the two offices, the Italian in Teramo and the Chinese in Beijing.

The works of Nothing Studio, including projects of architecture and design, artistic interventions and installations, have been honored with numerous awards and have been selected for national and international exhibitions. Among the most recent in 2008 the Studio participated at the 3rd edition of the Architectural Biennial Beijing, in 2009 won the 1st Prize "China Top Building Residence" Ministry of Industry, in 2012 has participated at the Venice Biennale exhibiting in the Italian Pavilion.